[pronounced can-TA-mos; a Spanish word meaning "we sing"]

Cantamos is our ensemble for children 12 years and under comprised of Cantiga choristers and younger Cantaré choristers. This special combination provides a unique opportunity for our Cantiga choristers to be mentored by their older Cantaré colleagues and to share appropriate repertoire of a more complex nature.


National Music Festival:
Second Prize (2010)
Margaret Wharton Memorial Class: Quebec Competitive Festival of Music Plaque and Saskatchewan Music Festival Scholarship (2010)

Alberta Provincial Choir Festival (National Stream):
First Prize (2011, 2010)
Olga Nickle Memorial Foundation Scholarship and Olive Emond Memorial Plaque (2011, 2010)

Calgary Kiwanis Music Festival:
Numerous Gold Seals
Calgary Kiwanis Club Foothills Scholarship (2011, 2009)
Knights of the Round Table Award (2010)
Dalton Memorial Plaque (2011, 2009)

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Catherine Glaser-Climie
Founder/Artistic Director
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