An opportunity for the director to become better acquainted with the children and for the singers to meet each other will take place at our Welcome Workshop. It is expected that all choristers will be in attendance.

An orientation meeting for parents of all new and returning choristers in each ensemble will present plans for the upcoming season and begin the process of organizing our parent volunteer committees. Each chorister must be represented by a parent.

A "training camp" and a great way to start the year.  The children come for a uniform fitting and skill evaluation on Sunday afternoon and then enjoy four days together, either mornings or afternoons depending on ensemble. 

Our annual Autumn Retreats provide the opportunity for intense work and intense fun at Kamp Kiwanis, near Bragg Creek.  Cantando, Cantaré and Cantiga each enjoy a weekend away where our time is spent singing, studying, playing, and having fun together. Cantilena's retreat is a one day escape.

WORKSHOPS (October, November, February)
Workshops provide the opportunity to focus on specific skill development and to work on a more individual and small group basis. At workshops we often focus on special activities - musicianship, vocal production, body maintenance (yoga), singing games, and movement.

CONCERTS (October, December, March, May)
Four concerts feature all four ensembles. Each ensemble performs individually as well as in combination with other ensembles. These are always magical nights as we witness the amazing growth and development of each ensemble throughout the year. We try to move our last rehearsals before a concert to the performance location so the children can become accustomed to the new space. A dress rehearsal for all participants is held just prior to the concert.

CBC / KNOX UNITED CAROLFEST (late November/early December)
This event is a Calgary tradition which features the finest choirs Calgary has to offer. Each choir performs two selections at the Carolfest which is recorded by CBC Radio. The performances are then played "on air" throughout the month of December. It's a great night to hear lots of other choirs and it's wonderful to hear our own ensembles.

We plan two school concert tours each season for our Cantiga ensemble.  It is a way of sharing our joy in music making with the children's peers, a way to be a model and affirmation for school choirs, a way to entertain and educate the children of Calgary's schools, and a way to raise the profile of the choir and attract new singers. In previous school concert tours, our choirs have performed for as many as 2000 children in one day!

WINTER RETREAT (late January/early February)
This is one of the most important events of the year - the children experience INCREDIBLE musical and personal growth in one short weekend. Cantando, Cantaré and Cantiga each enjoy their own weekend of music, fun, and recreation. Cantilena has a one day retreat which is just perfect for them.

Calgary boasts one of the largest music festivals in Canada - and we're thrilled to take part.  Cantiga, Cantaré and Cantando all participate in this performance experience at the Jubilee Auditiorium.  Adjudicators - well known experts in the choral field - offer insight and feedback to each ensemble.

Sponsored by the Alberta Choral Federation, this is a unique opportunity in which each choir performs three or four selections, receives an adjudication during which a rating is given and then receives a 30 minute workshop from one of the clinicians. It's an excellent opportunity both from the perspective that the choir has a wonderful performance / learning experience and that this allows us the opportunity to raise our profile to adjudicators / clinicians, our peers and the general public. Our choir program has been honored to receive several special awards at this event. In previous years, all four ensembles earned a Superior Rating. Cantaré and Cantando have also performend in the Choralfest Spotlight Concert on several occasions.

Choirs may be recommended by the adjudicator at the local festival to represent Calgary at the Alberta Provincial Choir Festival. This of course is contingent upon their performance at the local Calgary Kiwanis Music Festival. Provincials are held in Edmonton, Alberta.

Invitations to perform at pretigious events and in support of worthy causes throughout our community and province are received throughout the year.
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