Fundraising Activities for our 2016-2017 Season

2017 CASH CALENDAR LOTTERY License # 441580

January 18, 2017$1000Mylene Manalo
January 25, 2017$300            John Partridge 
February 1, 2017$300   Myra Manuel  
February 6, 2017$300   Derek Campbell
February 11, 2017        $500           Sander van der Wissal   
February 22, 2017        $300            Teresa Gillies
March 4, 2017     $1000         Goorge Tanhudi  
March 8, 2017     $300            Rebecca Gafuik
March 13, 2017  $300             Melissa Lange
March 22, 2017            $300            Erin Molnar
April 3, 2017       $300             Chantelle Tindall     
April 12, 2017     $600   Luis Baez
April 19, 2017     $300             Cameron Plewes
April 24, 2017     $500             Brenda Gracie        
May 3, 2017        $300              Lachlin McKinnon
MY 13, 2017        $1000          Jeanie Godfray      
May 24, 2017      $600             Jennifer Craig
May 31, 2017      $300              Janet Chafe        
June 3, 2017     $1500            

Congratulations to all of the winners!!

NOTE:  Tickets #0400 - #0420 were not sold and have been lost.
These tickets will not be part of the 2017 Cash Calendar draws.

ADMazing COUPON BOOKS [September]
Most people in Calgary are very familiar with these coupon books – they are very reasonably priced and have lots of popular coupons inside.

BOTTLE DRIVE [September and April]
Each year we set out to do our part for the environment and raise some money at the same time during this super-fun one-day fundraiser. Choristers and parent drivers canvas designated neighborhoods asking for bottle donations; other parent volunteers hang out at the bottle depot working on their counting and sorting skills! It's amazing how much you can raise in such a short time frame.

If you already subscribe to a magazine or two, this one is simple. By ordering new subscriptions or renewing your favourites through Cantaré, it costs you NO MORE, yet the profit stays in our choir community. There are over 700 magazines to choose from and magazines make great gifts! You can renew a magazine from the selection online anytime during the current season; Cantaré Children's Choir benefits from all subscriptions ordered until the end of the season.
Visit:, Cantaré Campaign Code: AB2501.

[March / April / May]
These two projects are one that you DON'T want to miss. Our grower  provides INCREDIBLE quality and very competitive prices for something that everyone usually purchases in the Spring. Those who didn't order were extremely disappointed when they saw the exceptional quality. Lilies and Hydrangeas are delivered just before Easter. We aim for delivery of the Bedding Out plants in late May. You can either add to Golden Acres' profit margin or you can help the choir!

Gift cards for CO-OP and Safeway are on sale at every rehearsal.  Five percent of all grocery cards you buy or sell earns credit towards your child’s tour cost this summer, or helps to support Cantaré Children’s Choir. This is a great way to raise funds while purchasing the things you would be buying anyway!  You can let us know your order in advance, and we’ll be sure to have your gift cards ready and waiting for you at sign in.

Cantaré Children's Choir Society held its last casino in June  2015.  Although the money earned is restricted in its use, many of our expenditures do qualify. Our next casino fundraiser is scheduled forFebruary 14-15, 2017..

The 'Penny Pot' is back! Lots of people think those little copper coins aren't worth much but we know better…those little pennies add up! October is The Great Penny Pot Challenge month.  Each ensemble contributes pennies to see who gets bragging rights for the year.  Cantiga has triumphed the past 2 seasons!  The penny pot will happily accept your contribution of as many pennies as you can find around your house, or from your friends and relatives - dads and grandpas are an excellent source!  Last season our Penny Pot proceeds went to support Jacqueline's well at the Village of Hope in Kisimu, Kenya.

Looking for a fun night out – just adults – and a chance to support Cantaré?  Dinner, drinks, 50/50 and a silent auction all wrapped into one. Choir families and local businesses donate items; everyone gets the chance to go home with something special!  Our 2012 Pub Night earned over $8200 in profits.

These ever-popular and very delicious Calgary made sausages will be available for BBQ season.

We have four times hosted a Gala evening which has proven to be enormously successful and one of our most significant fundraising initiatives. We earned $29,800 in 03/04, $11,000 in 99/00, and $22,000 in 98/99. These proceeds were used to purchase several major capital expenditures such as our concert risers and music library storage system.
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