Our Preschool Program
Classes, Schedule & Tuition

OUR  STUDENTS  For the Autumn session, students must be three years old before June 1.

OUR CLASSES  Classes meet once each week for 45 minutes. There are 32 classes throughout the year.  To provide an optimum learning experience for all participants, our class sizes are:
   Levels One and Two:  8 to 10 students                        
   Levels Three and Four:  8 to 12 students


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Catherine Glaser-Climie
Founder/Artistic Director
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9:15  Level 2
10:00  Level 1
10:45  Level 1
1:15  Level 1
2:00  Level 1
1:15  Level 2
2:00  Level 1
3:15  Level 3
4:00  Level 4

1:15  Level 1
2:00  Level 1
9:30  Level 1
10:15  Level 1
11:00  Level 1
1:15  Level 1
2:00  Level 1
PLEASE  COME  AND  JOIN  US!  Parents have an important place in our program.  Every week an essential component of the lesson is the invitation for parents to join their children for the last fifteen minutes of class for a joy-filled sharing of that day’s discoveries.  Parent Participation Days are offered three times in the year.  A workshop for parents offers an overview of the song repertoire, concepts and skills for each level.  Our aim is to cultivate a partnership between child, parent and instructor to encourage music-making as an integral part of every day.  Each week the child receives a handout as a reinforcement of the lesson.

LOCATION  Our daytime classes are held at Lutheran Church of the Cross [10620 Elbow Drive SW] and at our NEW location at St. Paul's Anglican Church [7 Sunmills Green SE].  After school classes are at TBA.

TUITION FEES are $540 [plus GST] for the year.  You may choose from several payment options, including monthly instalments.  There is FREE parking available at both locations with easy access into the building and a comfortable waiting area for parents.

TODDLER PROGRAM for children 24 months of age and older, together with their parents, may be offered for a 10 week session.  Be sure to email for more details.

Southwest Location
Lutheran Church of the Cross
10620 Elbow Drive SW
Southeast Location
St. Paul's Anglican Church
7 Sunmills Green SE