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Kodály Music Explorers Overview

Note:  Cantaré [can-TAR-ay] Spanish:  I will sing

Cantaré Children's Choir is pleased to announce its “Kodály Music Explorers” Program for children three years of age and older who wish to explore music through a singing approach.  Guided by the belief that music enhances the quality of life, our goal is to instill and nurture  a love of music in young children and their families.  Knowing that the early years of life are the most important period for children to develop musical ability and awareness, our aim is to establish a firm foundation of basic musicianship skills and music literacy in preparation for, or as an enhancement to, further music study. Private music instructors are thrilled to inherit our young graduates who can read and understand music, and have the co-ordination, concentration and background to progress very quickly in their instrumental or vocal studies.

The Kodály Concept
The artistry, vision, and vitality of the Hungarian composer Zoltan Kodály [pronounced KO-die] resulted in a philosophy of music education based on singing which can be used from infancy to adulthood.  Kodály believed that musical aptitude is a characteristic of every human being, and that musical skills should be developed as soon as possible, first at home and then within the regular school curriculum.  These skills are developed through a sequential approach, based upon an understanding of child development.  Most important of all, the Kodály concept fosters enjoyment of music through beautiful singing and the use of good song materials, including singing games.  The love of music contributes to a positive learning experience.

“The most important thing in the Kodály concept is to actualize the instinctive love of the child for singing and playing, to realize the changing of his moods through the songs, his feelings, his experiences ... in other words to bring about the miracle of music.”
~ Jenö  Adám

Kodály Music Explorers
In our classes you will observe small groups of active young children eagerly exploring the magic of music.  A playful approach guides our lessons as we use nursery rhymes, traditional chants, singing games, folk songs, selected art music and movement activities.  Great care is taken to lead the child from the known to the unknown and from direct experience to abstract concepts and symbols.  Thus, musical literacy is developed gradually in an active and natural way.

The curriculum of this comprehensive program is offered through four years of instruction.  Using visual, physical and aural experiences, your child will discover the building blocks of music:  in-tune singing, beat, rhythm, melody, form, phrasing, dynamics, tempo and timbre.  Children refine musicianship, listening and singing skills and acquire the ability to read, write, hear and think music.  Children become acquainted with the great master composers through listening to selected art music.

As young children learn well through kinesthetic activities, folk game songs are used to reinforce the concepts presented.  They aid social and physical development and create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for all participants.  Movement activities are geared to the child’s level of motor development.

The development of all skill areas begins very early with simple tasks.  As knowledge and proficiency accumulates, skills are further augmented in an experience-based approach.  The materials, concepts and skills are presented in a carefully planned sequence which ensures success, fostering a sense of accomplishment and a love of music.

Why sing?
Singing provides the foundation for the child’s musical development.  In the same way that  children develop language by constantly hearing speech, they learn to match pitch and develop musicianship by hearing singing role models frequently and at close range.  The Kodály Concept and other teaching philosophies emphasize singing because:                 

- The voice is the most natural instrument and one which every person possesses.                
- Singing best develops the inner, musical ear.

Folk songs and games offer great variety, beauty and long-lasting joy for people of all ages.  There can be no better material for singing than the songs and games used throughout the generations.

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