What Parents Should Know

Cantaré Children's Choir is known for its tremendous volunteers - and how those volunteers contribute to our success!  As an expectation of membership, each family actively participates in the program in an appropriate volunteer capacity. Some choose to do so as part of our regular weekly activities while others choose to help with projects and events - some even choose to do both! It's important that we distribute the work load equitably amongst all Cantaré families. In truth, without the dedication and commitment of our volunteers, Cantaré Children's Choir would simply not exist.

We know that volunteers want to be involved in fulfilling and worthwhile ways. There is an abundance of volunteer opportunities within our program and we all know that many hands make light work! Through your active involvement in our program you will meet some of the most fascinating people you'll find anywhere. Our various needs and projects will provide you with the opportunity to explore hidden talents, improve your skills and derive tremendous satisfaction from knowing that you are part of the team. Children benefit from seeing their parents involved as volunteers and parents benefit from the variety of activities in which they can become involved - it's a win-win!!

Some ways that parents can become involved are: uniforms, music library, chaperoning, tour planning, administrative assistance, telephone committee, rehearsal assistance, fundraising, sign in... the possibilities are endless.

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Cantaré Children's Choir Society is the organization formed by parents and community volunteers that shares in realizing the vision of this unique choral program. Cantaré Children's Choir Society is incorporated as a not-for-profit society under the Society Act in the Province of Alberta. It is also recognized by Revenue Canada as a charitable organization, and as such is able to issue income tax receipts for donations received. A primary function of the Society is to undertake fundraising projects to provide enrichment experiences as an enhancement to the core program offered.
Each student is a member of the Society and is assessed an annual membership fee which is payable upon acceptance into the choir. Each student may be represented by a parent or guardian at meetings.

Tuition fees provide weekly instruction [the core program] for each of the ensembles. Funding for the enrichment program [vocal coaching, workshops, retreats, festivals, performances, bussing, touring, uniforms, music, etc.] is the responsibility of the Cantaré Children's Choir Society. A variety of fund raising events take place throughout the year in which support by all families is encouraged and expected.

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* Chauffeuring children to rehearsals, workshops, and performances
* Assisting with the organization of music in preparation for each rehearsal [Cantilena / Cantiga]
* Being in attendance for announcements at the end of every rehearsal
* Providing support, encouragement, and enthusiasm
* Providing assurance that each member is critically important - reinforce the special role that each member has
* Encouraging the wise use of time and the anticipation of heavy school assignments
* Encouraging (and perhaps assisting in) assignments and private study. The study of the text (practice saying or memorizing the words between rehearsal) is STRONGLY recommended. This can enhance the development of the choir and eliminate tedious hours of rehearsals. This is especially important for the younger choristers whose reading skills are less developed
* Having a designated, visible place in your home for the Cantaré Music Bag


* Being in attendance for announcements at the end of every rehearsal
* Checking email communication
* Reading all written communication and handouts
* All parents serve as Rehearsal Assistants on a rotation basis- every family is involved
* Completing and submitting forms on the date requested
* Informing the Cantaré Office ASAP of possible scheduling conflicts
* Attending all parent meetings which may be called
* Participating in all fund raising endeavors
* Promoting the choir and its activities to friends, relatives, colleagues and business associates
* Distributing concert promotion and promoting the sale of concert tickets
* Every parent assists the choir through involvement in at least one of our committees
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Catherine Glaser-Climie
Founder/Artistic Director
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