Excellence. Experience. Enrichment.

Imagine a rehearsal hall filled with boys and girls of all ages who are challenged to do their very best; where the importance of language and diction is valued; where teamwork is emphasized in order to be successful...

Imagine a weekend in the country that combines vocal production and music theory with cross-country skiing and campfire songs...

Imagine the Jack Singer Concert Hall or the Jubilee Auditorium, a full house and your child on stage...
Imagine a tour bus filled with excited children on their way to perform at an old-world church in the German countryside...

Imagine a conductor who has as much passion today as when she began her journey, over 30 years ago; whose musicianship skills are unsurpassed; who respects each individual's contribution; who inspires excellence while creating an atmosphere of warmth...

If you can imagine these scenarios, you can imagine the unique and exciting program that Cantaré Children's Choir offers your child.

Finding an activity that your child enjoys and looks forward to every week is incredibly important. Even better, finding an activity that enhances their learning skills, talents, confidence, knowledge, discipline and social skills will give them life-long benefits.

Each season offers challenging repertoire, unique performance opportunities, tours - either provincial, national or international, personal growth and new friendships.

We encourage you to explore our site, discover our spirit and our unparalleled reputation. Then, we invite you to Come Sing with Us...the Music Experience of a Lifetime Awaits!
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Catherine Glaser-Climie
Founder/Artistic Director
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"My children are benefiting
from this programme..."
Saturday, June 3, 2017
St. Stephen's Church


Cash Calendar Winners:
May 31: Janet Chafe $300
May 24: Jennifer Craig $600
May 13: Jeanie Godfray $1000
May 3: Lachlin McKinnon $300
April 24: Brenda Gracie $500